Understanding Legal Terms 

Arraignment: The defendant's appearance to enter a plea for the charges against him/her. 

Capias: A warrant that is issued when a defendant does not appear in court.

Continuance: Rescheduling a hearing to a later date.

Defendant: The person accused of committing the crime(s).

Preliminary Hearing: A hearing to determine whether there is
sufficient evidence to prosecute an accused person.

Probation: A sentence in which the defendant is released into the
community and supervised by a probation officer for a
specified period of time.

Restitution: Repayment of financial loss to the victim by
the defendant.

Sentence: The defendant's punishment imposed by the judge.

Subpoena: A document ordering a person to appear in court.

Victim Impact Statement: A statement submitted by the victim
to the Court that explains the physical, psychological,
and financial harm the crime created. 

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